Corporate Compliance Services

Millennium Healthcare Consulting, Inc’s ® certified coding and compliance professionals have extensive experience with compliance regulations.

With the wide array of legal and regulatory requirements healthcare entities face each day, compliance can be challenging and frustrating. And with the constant changes tied to healthcare reform, it isn't getting any easier for healthcare entities to keep up with the rules. Therefore, a strategic alliance with Millennium Healthcare as a partner to your unique compliance goals and needs can ease the frustration of regulatory compliance. Collectively, we can bring a breadth of industry experience to assist you in navigating the current compliance rules and regulations.

We can partner with your in-house legal counsel or compliance officer to assist with a variety of corporate compliance initiatives customized to meet your organization's unique risks and compliance goals.

Some of the areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

Compliance Program Implementation/Development

Don’t have a medical compliance program yet? Or have you started but are just not sure how to make it all come together? The compliance program implementation service is just what you need. Working with you and/or your healthcare counsel to identify your individual needs,  we can assist you with developing a compliance plan that meets the critical elements outlined within the Office of Inspector General's (OIG) model compliance plan for your health care organization.  Millennium Healthcare will work with your team and assist you with customizing a plan that is practical and functional for your organization.

Compliance Risk Assessments

A key element to developing and maintaining an effective compliance plan is investing your resources in those areas that represent the highest risk to your organization. Are you utilizing your advanced practitioners according to third-party payor, State Law and CMS regulations? Are you receiving many third-party payor and CMS probe review requests?

We assist our clients with conducting  risk assessments that provide critical information for prioritizing their compliance audits. We recommend performing risk assessments on an annual basis, as coding rules,  regulation and circumstances within the organization can change over time.

Compliance Auditing and Monitoring

Our compliance risk assessments can be used to help identify deficiencies in your current medical compliance with key areas specific to physician practices. This may include areas such as:

  • Medical documentation and coding
  • Auditing and monitoring practices
  • Medicare compliance and Medicaid compliance requirements
  • Healthcare compliance with key laws and regulations such as HIPAA, EMR Meaningful Use and current coding and billing changes

We can also conduct an E&M Coding Pattern Utilization Study for you! This is a snapshot of physician coding habits by respective specialty compared to industry norms. This profiling will assist practices/healthcare entities in identifying potential areas of compliance risks and/or reimbursement leaks.

Then, our compliance professionals will review the results of our independent reviews and proactively identify any areas of non-compliance, and develop a corrective action plan.

Ongoing Compliance Education

Effective compliance efforts depend upon an investment in ongoing training for physicians, healthcare providers and coding and billing staff within the organization. The clinical and coding professionals at Millennium Healthcare regularly provide ongoing compliance education for the staffs of the clinical, coding and billing, departments, and other personnel within the organization.  Our experienced team can work with you to provide specialized training geared toward your organization, or general training that can be offered in a variety of formats such as in-person, phone, or webinar.

Compliance Retreats

Our compliance professionals are available to assist your compliance committee in annual retreats to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the organization’s current compliance efforts, and discuss future coding and compliance goals and strategies.

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