Educational Seminars


• Missing the target on coding?

• Claims being denied by payers?

• Are prepayment audits holding up your claims?

• Are your physicians’ coding patterns in line with industry norms?

• Are you at compliance risk or are you losing appropriate reimbursement for services rendered?

• Are you current on recent coding/reimbursement changes?

In addition to providing feedback to our clients on the various coding and documentation audit findings, we offer more formal training on various coding and documentation topics.

Millennium Healthcare Consulting, Inc.®, provides webinars and onsite/telephone conference seminars for your physicians, advanced practitioners and/or staff. The small, focused group sessions or general sessions can address any specific coding topics of interest to your healthcare organization.

MHC provides customized seminars for your staff and/ or physicians/advanced practitioners. The sessions can address any specific coding topics of interest to your healthcare organization.  Some topics may include:

• Provider documentation training (evaluation and management, procedural or surgical services). Our goal is not to turn the doctors into coders, but to give them the information and tools they need to use every day to accurately and completely report their


• Explanation of current CPT/ICD-9 and Medicare changes.

• Understanding claim denial reasons and overcoming medical necessity denials

• Customize specialty specific topics

• ICD-10 training

• Bridging the gap between physician and your internal coder on various coding and documentation topics. Appropriate use of modifiers associated with E/M and Surgery codes to ensure appropriate reimbursement.

• Explanation of global surgical package

• Understanding teaching physician rules

• Understanding “Incident-to” guidelines, both Medicare and third party payors

• Providing customized specialty specific coding or billing topics

We work with you to help you understand how to document better, not document more. Better documentation leads to better coding and subsequent reimbursement.

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